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Book 2 Name Reveal!

Hello cybersoldiers!

It's been about two months since the release of Stratotech 027. I've been working on the second book and I figured it was time for a name reveal and a working summary! Both are subject to change, but I wanted to give you all an idea of what to look forward to. Here it is!

Rogue 027

Rex is on the run. Since she discovered disturbing secrets about Stratotech and the Alliance, she is determined to get answers. There is one person who might help her – but he’s disappeared for a reason.

Rider is looking for Rex. Together with Bridget and the twins, he’s determined to get to the girl he loves before the Alliance does – and protect her from whatever they have planned. But now he’s wanted by the Alliance, too…

Alelta is on the hunt. As acting alpha now that Rex is gone, she is determined to prove herself – even if it means killing.

The Alliance is on Rex’s trail. Shat al-Shed has begun to release its horrible experiments, one by one, to terrorize cities and bring the Alliance to its knees. With the amount of people looking for her, and with the people she loves in danger, it will take Rex stealth, steel, grit, and a whole lot of luck to see her mission through. But the State and its terrorist allies have planned something even worse than what anyone anticipated…

The second installment in the 027 series, this post-apocalyptic cyberpunk novel is hot with action, tension, reckless humor, and the inner dilemmas of the characters you know and love.

So there you have it! The summary is subject to a LOT of change, as I usually make up plot points as I write. Join the comments and let me know what you'd like to see in Rogue 027; I always appreciate recommendations from my readers!

Give all you've got, hold nothing back!

- Sgt. M.T. Lancet, Airborne Elite Assets

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